Mool Foundation was set up in October 2014 with an intent to bring together all forms of art under one roof to be complementing each other, and most importantly to bring in a slice of art and design in everybody’s life.

Rajan’s ideas and positive approach got a unconditional support, blessings and acceptance from everybody who was already associated with various creative fields in Jaipur and in a short span of time Mool has become a platform that welcomes all thinking artists – painters, writers, thinkers, musicians and photographers from Jaipur associated with contemporary art, calligraphy, pen and ink work, paper mache work, automobile art, photography, culinary or any other innovative, constructive and creative form of expression.

An innovative curation and presentation of the exhibitions and workshops which are conceptualized and conducted by us.

Offering a spectacularly designed and managed people friendly space, which gives the displayed art forms a beautiful environment to be seen in and also an unforgettable experience to the visitors and participants.

Using the power of effective communication design and digital media to promote our activities in the realm of art, design and culture to reach out to the younger generation in a way, they like to see and understand things.

Reinterpreting the term ‘art’ by making Mool a platform that welcomes all art forms and artists of all geners.

In Hindi ‘Mool’ roughly translates to root, essence, fundamental and basic.

The name and the foundation is a living tribute to Late Mr. Y. K. Bhatt
As an architect, planner, artist, sculptor, photographer, traveler and thinker; his life and work displayed an uncanny ability of getting to the fundamental (root) issues of any problem, idea, thought or action.

The foundation is situated in a beautiful house in the heart of Jaipur, built and lived in by Mr. Bhatt.
The house now is a haven for artistic expression.

Here we curate, conceptualize and organize exhibitions, workshops, discussions and presentations within the realms of art and culture. Our space allows the public at large an opportunity to interact and express.

Visitors to the foundation can expect to participate in diverse programs and exhibitions encompassing all forms of art, like – painting, photography, sculptures, design, crafts films, interior design, culinary etc.

Mool Foundation will continue to contribute meaningfully by promoting the relevance of art and design in making the society more sensitive towards other forms of life, our surroundings and the environment.



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  • +91 98101 62414
  • info@moolfoundation.in
  • 67, Mahesh Nagar Phatak, Bajaj Nagar Enclave, Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

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