Soul Purpose Team

Mool Foundation


67 - Bajaj Nagar Enclave, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015


May 30 2015 - May 31 2015


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All Women. All Adventure

Mool Foundation is proud to have hosted a photography exhibition as it joined hands with Soul Purpose Travel for all women travel groups to dream destinations. Soul Purpose destinations are off the beaten track. Even with conventional destinations Soul Purpose offer a mix of adventure, culture and connect with local communities. It is run by two women, Vidya Deshpande and Mimi Chakrabarti, who are very passionate about travel.. Vidya, a TV and print journalist and Mimi, a professional photographer, teamed up to start Soul Purpose. They curate every trip, planning every minute detail to ensure that you get a wholesome experience. Since February, 2013, Soul Purpose has successfully organized expeditions ranging from river rafting, snow treks, camping, desert safaris and food and culture trails. The company specializes in all-women expeditions and travel. It also organize customized programmes for corporate employees.
Shots from these exciting trips were exhibited at Mool Foundation:

The Great Everest Base Camp Trek, May 2015
A must on the bucket list of all adventurer- seekers, a pilgrimage of sorts for every mountain lover.

Leisurely Ladakh, July 2013
Experiencing the world’s only high altitude desert with in a style that’s uniquely ours with village stays, rafting, camping and more

Call of the Hornbill, Dec 2013 & 2014
Exploring exotic Naga dances, cuisine with unique village stays and the Hornbill Festival, specially showcased for women journalists of India.

Banares ki Galiyan, September 2015
Tasting Varansi’s street food, enjoy the cultural diversity of this ancient city

Amazing Andamans, March 2015
Finding Nemo and more, with undersea diving, sea kayaking and snorkeling.

Rafting down the Kali, October 2014
A full river expedition, travelling 100 km along the Kali river on the Nepal border in rafts.

Trekking Tales, June 2014
Trek on snow-clad mountains to Beas Kund in Himachal Pradesh

Tiger! Tiger!, April 2014
A soul-searching trip with 7 tiger sightings in Ranthambore National Park

Bainsrorgarh Beckons, August 2013
A regal trip with luxury stay in a royal fort, tucked away in an unexplored corner of Rajasthan

Kulture & Karma in Khajuraho, Feb 2014
Wildlife by the day with safaris in Panna National Park and enjoying the cultural extravaganza of the dance festival at Khajuraho